A extraordinary filmed journey for the adventurer and photographer in all of us

A photographic expedition from the west coast of America to the west coast of Europe with filmmaker/photographer Fernando Fragata. 

You will be marveled as Fernando takes you on a journey across the most amazing sites in this behind-the-scenes look at the art of landscape photography. 

This thrilling expedition will begin in Southern California (Los Angeles) and chart a course to its final destination in Southern Portugal (Algarve). You will be taken across the great and iconic deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, the wildlife-rich forests of Yellowstone, Wyoming, and countless other fantastic locations before ultimately reaching the paradise of Algarve half a world away beyond the Atlantic ocean. 

Explore with Fernando many unique landscapes. Each poses its own challenges to capture the perfect picture. You will realize that sometimes what seems to be a quiet and peaceful location can end up being the most challenging site to photograph. The weather conditions, the terrain, the access roads, or no roads at all - can all turn against you in a snap of the finger. And let's not forget the occasional equipment malfunctions!

"There is a short road between paradise and hell. But in the end, when you capture that perfect picture, no matter how difficult it was to get, the feeling is always heavenly. "  — F. Fragata